All funds raised by efforts of the Chapter Advisory Board (CAB) is directed to the non-profit LLC, 1984AAA, which is chaired by some members of the CAB. All expenditures of funds are based on chapter need and CAB approval. The undergraduate chapter does not have direct access to the funds and must work with the CAB to identify financial needs. Expenditures will be reconciled against the account balance each month by members of the CAB to ensure accurate financial records. 

Donations are solicited with the intent to fund the following categories: 

Scholarship:The second Cardinal Principle of Phi Delta Theta is sound learning. Texas Nu rewards individuals in our undergraduate chapter who excel in their academics and chapter leadership. These scholarships recognize individuals with the highest term GPA and the Phi of the Semester - as decided by the undergraduate chapter.

Phi Delt Education:Every year Texas Nu strives to send as many undergraduate members as possible to various conferences hosted by General Head Quarters (GHQ), such as: Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute, General Convention, and recruitment workshops. These conferences provide invaluable leadership development for our active members; however, travel and other expenses are not covered. The CAB covers or offsets the costs associated with travel to and from these workshops to ensure access by the chapter. 

Chapter Assets:The chapter assets category funds the repair, replacement or new acquisition of physical, chapter property. For instance, if the chapter decides that a new generator or event tent is needed they will submit a purchase request to the CAB. If the CAB approves the request, the assets are purchased.

Alumni Relations & Events:One of the CAB’s main functions is to serve the Texas Nu Alumni Chapter. To maintain a strong brotherhood within our Alumni Chapter, the CAB hosts alumni events in College Station and throughout Texas. 

Housing:Some CAB funds have been set aside to begin exploring property options for Texas Nu. Our long-term goal is to raise enough money to purchase property for Texas Nu. 

Reserves:The CAB keeps a portion of all money donated as reserves for any unexpected costs that occur.

Note: If you wish to have your donation automatically sent to Texas Nu each month please be sure to select the re-occurring payment check box when you follow the link below.


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